About AO


Audacity Oven is the new blog on the block.  Started by Eric Baker while drinking a PBR in his kitchen, AO is a blog for the everyday person.  Whether you’re still in school, a recent grad still looking for work (what up), or professional person, AO is here to entertain and educate.

We here at AO are held to near zero standards and, as of yet, have no allegiances.  All topics are open to discussion, criticism, praise, and snarky commentary.  Trying to never take ourselves too seriously, AO examines the arts, current events, society as a whole, and even ourselves.  Remember, if you read a post you don’t necessarily agree with that that post is the opinion of the author and not necessarily the blog as a whole.

We are always looking for new talent to contribute so feel free to shoot us a guest post.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even ask you to contribute regularly!

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