Horror Movie Buff Part 3

October is speeding along at a depressing rate. Still I’ve proudly kept up the movie-a-day deal with myself!

This is a thing that happened

This is a thing that happened

October 15th- Walking Dead premiere. As you could’ve guessed, I love this show. It’s a great mixture of character drama and gory action. The new season starts with a bang, proving that as usual, the creators don’t mind killing off important characters. I’m already at the edge of my seat waiting for episode 2, and remaining hopeful that this season can really shake things up. Things can get a little complacent when civilization begins again, so here’s hoping something awful happens soon.

Cute couple, amirite?

Cute couple, amirite?

October 16th- American Horror Story: Coven Episode 2. I’m still iffy on whether this will be a worthwhile season overall, but there’s some interesting thematic elements being explored so far. Say what you will about Ryan Murphy, but the man employs more women and minorities in his individual programs than most entire networks. Whether he uses them well is still up for debate.

Yep, this is as weird as it looks.

Yep, this is as weird as it looks.

October 17th- Escape from Tomorrow. The infamous result of guerilla filmmaking in Disneyworld is finally out in theaters and On Demand. I really don’t want to ruin anything, because it’s one heck of a twisted story. But I will say, its completely worth viewing if you like a movie to make you feel totally disturbed…oh and here’s my review!

No idea what I’m even looking at.

October 18th-  Feast. You may not remember the show Project Greenlight, but that show inspired me to get into film. Feast was the project tracked in season 3, and it was made without any special effects. It’s a total splatter-fest, but its tongue in cheek humor and amazing makeup effects should not be missed.

Guess what's for dinner?

Guess what’s for dinner?

October 19thWe are What We are. Technically, this was at Midnight on the 18th, which really upped the scare factor. The trailer for the movie hyped me up so hard I could barely stand it. The film itself may have been too slow-burn for my tastes, but it’s a lovely artistic achievement- great cinematography and yes, a fairly shocking final twist.

I like this poster and hate everything else.

I like this poster and hate everything else.

October 20th- Carrie (the remake). I love Stephen King. I lover this story. I support anything that exposes the horrible effects of bullying. AND I love Julianne Moore and think that was a brilliant casting choice. However, nothing else about this was necessary. The original is still a much better film- both more subtle and more shocking than this bland,  poorly-acted remake.


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