Horror Movie Buff Part 2

It’s been a busy week, horror fans!  Two of my closest friends got married this weekend, and all the celebrating has left me run down and a few days behind on my viewing schedule. But here’s what I have managed:

This looks funny, right? Newbury Comics?! But its not funny. Sigh.

This looks funny, right? Newbury Comics?! But its not funny. Sigh.

October 8- Hatchet 2 and Scary Movie 3- Please don’t judge me- I’m judging myself enough for both of us. But in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll tell you the truth. I was curious, borderline excited, to watch these sequels to movies that I kinda sorta enjoyed. Hatchet had its own cheeky humor that I was hoping would be replicated here. It wasn’t. and Scary Movie in all its vulgarity was a good laugh at least. Scary Movie 3 wasn’t. Needless to say, this was a low point in my month.

6/9 women...that's got to be a record (sadly)

6/9 women…that’s got to be a record (sadly)

October 9- American Horror Story: Coven- I’m beyond pumped that there’s a successful horror tv program on cable TV. Season 1 of this show was elegantly, understatedly creepy. Season 2 was shlocky and outlandish. Season 3, so far, is clever and full of potential. As a feminist scholar, I’m fascinated to see what they do with the witch premise. Still trying to decide how I feel about this “bitchcraft” term that being thrown around…

Amok amok amok amok!

Amok amok amok amok!

October 10- Hocus Pocus- Another film I can proudly recite from memory, this one never gets old. Sure, its playful and silly, but there’s plenty for adults to enjoy. If you’ve somehow avoided this halloween staple, I’m sorry for you and I hope you get into the holiday spirit soon.

The coolest zombie movie opening ever

The coolest zombie movie opening ever. (Editor’s Note: Agreed.)

October 11- 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later double feature- In a less creative (but ultimately awesome) choice, we started at the beginning of my alphabetized horror movie collection. If there were ever a horror sequel worthy of the “better than the original” debate, this is it. For the record, my vote is indeed for the sequel. Same premise, more moral complexity.

October 12- Wedding day! Many congratulations to my newly married friends, who’s ceremony was just as touching as their epic proposal. No horror for me on this day, unless you count the horror of realizing my own wedding could never possibly be as perfect as theirs!

So maybe the special effects don't stand the test of time...

So maybe the special effects don’t stand the test of time…

October 13-  House on Haunted Hill– The ultimate experiment in horror that anyone can stomach. We went for this classic- no blood, no violence, just pure eerie atmosphere via sound and lighting. Here’s a good foray into the great work of Vincent Price, which you’d best follow up with the original House of Wax. Such a blast.

October 14-Planet Terror/ Machete Kills Double Feature- As a pretend/future Austinite, I love myself some Robert Rodriguez. So, prior to a midnight screening of Machete Kills (because why not?), my born-and-bred Austinite boyfriend and I watched Planet Terror. This is the more fun, less existential half of the Grindhouse Double Feature, and a colorful campy take on the zombie genre. Oh, and Machete Kills was fun too.

Meet my 2007 Halloween Costume

Meet my 2007 Halloween Costume


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