Gravity- Ushering in “Experience” Cinema


With the resurgence of 3D technology, cinema has taken an interesting turn. For the past five years, there has been a debate about the longevity of the 3D film. Some have found it unnecessary, just a ploy to get another few bucks added to ticket prices. And in some lazier attempts, this is a fair view.

But some films have broken from the pack to make something new, which I’ll call “experience” cinema. These are the movies made with the format front and center- the plot comes second to the physical and aesthetic experience of 3D viewing. I’ll say that Avatar was the first attempt at this, but here the plot came so secondary that it was a recycled cliche parading as an epic game changer.

Gravity, on the other hand, might have found the perfect balance between experience and story. Using space to experiment with 3D potential is genius, and no aspect of the terror and beauty of the great endless expanse goes unacknowledged. Cinematography absolutely reigns supreme here, and it will be applauded during Oscar season (mark my words). Do a little research and you’ll find that filming was an intricate and complex process for director Cuaron and DP Lubezki. Each shot was carefully choreographed to create the startlingly realistic visuals.


Moreover, Gravity has a simple but poignant story. A three person cast (plus the voice of Ed Harris down in Houston) is all it takes to keep viewers glued to the screen. Sandra Bullock definitely holds her own, reinforcing my respect for her as a genuinely feminist and gifted actress. Clooney too gives a typically charming performance, though I couldn’t differentiate the role from any number of similar wise-cracking smart-asses he has previously played.

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