Writer’s Block Playlist

Writer’s block can suck.  Like really, really suck.  Especially when it strikes vast majority of your staff all at once. So we here at AO do humbly beg our reader’s forgiveness and promise funky fresh content soon (i.e. tomorrow).  Until then I figured a great new list would be my top songs right now.  None of them are particularly new but I’ve just been really vibe-ing on them lately.  I also figure we could all use a pick me up after last week’s absolutely depressing duo or more of American legislative and judicial moments.  The right playlist or artist can help me go from being down to bouncing around in a matter of seconds. It’s all about just finding that music, that band, that song that really hits home and get your soul “a-groovin'”.

So here you have it, my top songs of this particular moment in time!

That Girl- Justin Timberlake

Letter Home- Childish Gambino

Sun- Two Door Cinema Club

Call It What You Want- Foster the People

The Reeling- Passion Pit

Take the L Train (To Brooklyn)- Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Wildcat- Ratatat

ART IS DEAD- Bo Burnham

2 responses to “Writer’s Block Playlist

  1. Do it up! Just be original or have a point that I haven’t read 500 times on Gawker or Slate already.

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