Moments of Silence

EDITOR’S NOTE: The photographs below are all from a good friend of the blog, Greg “The Voice” James Wilson.  Greg is currently a student at Boston University and one of the finest men I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.  I first met Greg as one of my interns for the WTBU radio show “Sex, Love, and Other Drugs” or SLOD as it’s lovingly known.  He is a master machete user. Greg is an avid photographer and identifies himself on his Facebook as a “Real Life Documentarian” for his business “Moments of Silence Photography.”  I asked Greg to submit some of his favorite photos he’s taken over the years to Audacity Oven in hopes of not only bringing a little more multimedia to the site, but to also showcase the passion and skills of the talented and ambitious.  Below is a paragraph explaining his passion and a small sampling of Greg’s work, the rest can be found at:

-Eric Baker


As silly as it sounds, my interest in photography grew out of what is colloquially knows as “fomo.”  Not “fomo” in a sense that I worried that someone else somewhere was having more fun than me, but a fear that time may lead me to “miss out” on my own experiences.  Quite frankly, my mom’s constant delays of our Christmas morning celebrations to grab the camera, led me to believe at an early stage of my life that memories must be documented in order to carry them throughout ones life.  Everybody has his or her own technique.  Some people write, some people rely on their own memory.  Me, I capture my memories visually.  As cliché as it may sounds, it is true when “they” say a picture speaks 1000 words.  Through my photos I am able to relive moments in my life.  Not in a “you need to move on” type of way, but rather in a nostalgic manner in which I can see where I’ve come from and where I am. Each photograph tells a story.  My photos are able to capture the mood, and the atmosphere of my memories in a way that I have yet to accomplish with words or simple recollection.  As important as it is to live in the present, I cherish the past, for it has made me who I am today.  I am prepared for the days when my memory wont be as sharp, and my recollection of the past has been tainted by time.   That’s what my photos are for.  Visual evidence of the things that I have lived.  Moments in time captured for an eternity.

-Greg James Wilson

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