Like The Matrix – Except Better

What would you do if you knew the Truth? I don’t mean the truth about who killed JFK, or the truth about Pamela Anderson’s bra size. I mean capital-T Truth.

whoopiLet me set the scenario. Suppose one day you’re sitting at a diner, and a distinguished-looking gentleman or lady sits down across from you – you may want to picture someone like Morgan Freeman, or Meryl Streep. Personally, I enjoy the thought that Whoopi Goldberg is the giver of Truth. Suppose that he or she tells you that, in fact, all the “crazy” people – the likes of which can be found on Times Square and insane asylums – who have been “preaching” for years had it right – that they are the enlightened ones. Morgan/Meryl/Whoopi tells you that society labeled them as crazy because it wasn’t ready for the Truth. At first, you’re skeptical – you figure this person is just as crazy. But then s/he proceeds to tell you everything: why all creation exists, how it came to be, the purpose of the individual, and the purpose of humankind. It all unfolds for you – like The Matrix, except better because it’s Morgan/Meryl/Whoopi.

But don’t expect the explanation to be pleasant, and logical. After all, if the explanation made perfect sense someone might’ve stopped to listen to the crazy people, or we might’ve figured it out by now. Maybe it’s a Truth you don’t like: what if you were told that there are a God and a Devil, but in fact we are just literal pieces in a board-game they’re playing? Maybe it’s a truth you find hard to believe: what if you were told that the most intelligent beings on Earth lived deep in the sea, the deepest of which we have yet to explore, and that we were hunted and farmed in the same way we hunt and farm deer and cows?

What do you do?

You can choose to reject everything this person is saying, even if you know it is the Truth – you can live in blissful ignorance. Could you do that? So much of our society, whether it is religious or scientific, is about the pursuit of the Truth. Would you be willing to reject humanity’s ultimate goal?

You can choose to accept the Truth, and attempt to spread it throughout the world. But do keep in mind that this carries with it the distinct possibility of being labeled. All those “crazies” can no longer live in every-day society. Your family and friends might reject you, and society might well slap a diagnosis on you and lock you up. Would you sacrifice all of this to live in Truth?morgan-freeman-002

You might try to live in the world that you know to be false in order to discreetly spread the message – just like Morgan/Meryl/Whoopi. It seems the most pragmatic approach. But could you live in the illusory world while knowing the Truth? Could you live among people who seem to be constantly fumbling towards that which you know, who now seem dull and dimwitted?

As a group, humanity seems to believe that when we find the Truth it’ll be something that makes sense, something we like; something that’ll make us go “Oh! Of course,” like when someone shows you how to solve a Rubik’s Cube or a Sudoku puzzle. But what if it is something we don’t like? Something that makes sense, but something which we feel we cannot accept – something emotionally irreconcilable? What do we choose?

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