Drug-Induced Movie Marathon Part 2: Mission Failed

In my first post, I listed four things I planned to watch while sedated on high-power painkillers after my wisdom teeth surgery.

This plan failed, as I thought it very well could have. There are lots of reasons why, and I think they speak to a larger issue of ever trying to plan what you’re going to watch, do, or feel in the future.


Reason 1: Pre-Existing Marathons

The first impediment to this plan was also my greatest support throughout my surgery ordeal. After my surgery, my boyfriend drove me home and stayed with me for the first day. He also stayed home with me every evening and took me to the emergency room (I ended up having strep throat on top of my swollen face and throbbing pain- YIPPEE!).

Out of gratitude (and also personal enjoyment), I watched Breaking Bad with him whenever he was present. He’s catching up for the first time in preparation for the new season. So when one plans, it’s important to take into consideration your viewing partners and their goals. This beats his other pet project, Game of Thrones (sorry, not my cup of tea).

Doesn't matter, I must watch you.

Doesn’t matter, I must watch you.

Reason 2: Disc Rental Loyalty

On a similar note, just as any post-surgery life must take into account what you’d been watching on instant previously, I’ve also had to deal with the DVDs I’d already rented. These movies were rented during more artistic and ambitious periods in my life, and I’ve had zero interest in watching them this week.

However, I have a moral opposition to returning Netflix DVDs I haven’t even tried to watch. “Disc loyalty” is a major part of my field of film studies. You have to try everything and give up only when you’re certain it’s garbage.

So, these two daunting discs remain in my home, making 2001 and Shameless inaccessible. Womp.


This was me Tuesday and Wednesday

Reason 3: Lofty Expectations of my Condition

As mentioned earlier, I have not had an easy go at this recovery thing. I’m still alternating between pain, fever, exhaustion, and loopy drug phases five days later.

I can’t guarantee my eyes will stay open for two hours straight, so foreign films and I aren’t getting along this week (sorry, Holy Motors). Also, no part of me wants to see misery right now. I thought it may help to see the misery of others (a la Sophie’s Choice) but now that sounds like adding insult to injury.


When I first returned home and got in bed, my boyfriend went to get me a movie from the shelf to put on while I rested. Jokingly, he brought in Clockwork Orange. In my infinite loopiness, I whimpered “Could you bring me something less…that?” His second choice, Knocked Up, was much more fitting.

Reason 4: Lofty Expectations of my Taste

My queue is always filled with classics that I really should have seen by now- Bergman films, some Kurosawa, Godard, etc. It’s a constant source of pressure to be a good intellectual film student, but it successfully forces me to choose great films from time to time.

So while my predictions failed, I still could have caught up on some classics. Instead, let me tell you what I watched, full disclosure, no shame:


What to Expect when You’re Expecting

No, I’m not pregnant. I just wanted some light, bright, fuzzy entertainment. As my brain slowly oozed out of my head, I peacefully stared into space and enjoy my mindless garbage. Sometimes you just need to turn off, and this week was one of those times. I followed that gem with something even better (worse):


Ugly Betty

Another bright, extravagantly ludicrous piece of gold, I got through an entire season in two days (thats about 20 hours of programming). Don’t think I didn’t try classier comedy programming, but even Arrested Development’s new season was too “high brow” for my current tastes.

Ten minutes each of: Hit and Run, Girl in Progress, The Paperboy, Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead, The West Wing, Arrested Development Season 4, Friends with Kids, The Comedy, and Lipstick Jungle (finally something too crappy for me in any state).

In conclusion, I’ve accomplished nothing this week. Personally, intellectually, or physically. But I simply cannot wait to heal fully, get back on the horse, and watch something worthy of my time and attention. One of these days.


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