Drug-Induced Movie Marathons, Part 1


This is exactly what I’ll look like, puffy cheeks and cat included.

Watching movies is something I’ll happily do in basically any state, so when I found out I was getting my wisdom teeth taken out this coming Tuesday, I skipped right over the fear of anesthesia, nausea, blood, etc, and got pumped for a four day movie festival! No work, no other responsibilities- just me, a bottle of high-powered pain killers, and a Netflix subscription.

There’s something really fun about watching movies when you’re a little loopy. Everything is amplified- sad movies are sadder, funny movies are more hilarious, and everything is just a little more surreal.

A love for cough syrup is one of few things Lil Wayne and I have in common

A love for cough syrup is one of few things Lil Wayne and I have in common

My last foray into drug-induced movie viewing was in the summer of 2009 in Sydney Australia. I somehow managed to catch whooping cough, and in my highly infectious state, I had to stay home for a week and continually take shots of codeine-laced cough suppressing medicine. Fortunately, there was a movie rental place across the street (Australia still has those!). That was one of the best weeks of my life, and really built up my knowledge of the Australian film scene.

This time around, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in a few different genres.  I’m going to share my plan here, and then post-recovery, I’ll share how this plan worked out. Maybe I’ll follow it exactly, maybe I’ll drift into other territory as it feels right, or maybe I’ll just sleep for four days straight.

Either way, here’s my list of movies to watch when you’re high as a kite and unable to move, think, talk or eat.


Holy Motors- Because nothing’s better than watching a trippy movie while tripping, and something tells me I can drift in and out of consciousness without missing much in this one. In fact, maybe that is the way the film was meant to be watched. How avant-garde!

SHAMELESSShameless- Just finished season 1 and I’m hooked. Also, if I’m as effed up as the dad during season 2, maybe I’ll get a different perspective and change my sympathies. Or maybe it’ll make me feel very sane and pulled together despite myself.

20012001: A Space Odyssey- Because this is the perfect moment to re-watch 2.5 hours of floating space stations. Heck, I might even be able to stand Tree of Life again in this state. Or maybe I’ll be in enough pain without that.


Sophie’s Choice- Because a good cry might make me feel like my pain is minimal in comparison. I may not be able to eat solid foods or speak coherently, but at least I don’t have to choose which of my children dies. Counting my blessings.

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