Iron Man 3- Self-Awareness does the Superhero Good

This will be the first of many times this summer I’ll put out this caveat- I don’t like superhero/comic book movies. Typically, they’re dull, repetitive, and cliched. They’re also unrealistic, and not only the obvious, no-real-person-has-these-powers kind of way. What really irks me is the convenience factor that drives many of these storylines and this strange existential feeling I get during fight scenes. Like, obviously one side is stronger than the other. They can punch each other, shoot eachother, and cause explosions til the cows come home, and still someone is destined to win by sheer willpower, or brilliance, or the sudden reappearance of the trusty sidekick. It’s always the same and it never really surprises me.

But Marvel’s getting their acts together as of late. I loved Avengers for giving the characters legitimate strengths and weaknesses and allowing those traits to play into the fight scenes realistically. But it was also a lot of talking and sitting, so it lagged. Iron Man 3, however, finds a perfect balance between character development, hilariously witty banter, and well-timed, high-stakes, somewhat believable action.

I have to much more to say! Read the entire review here:


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