Trance- A Hypnotic Journey (Pun intended)

I’ve never disliked a Danny Boyle film. They’re consistently entertaining, gripping, intelligent, and aesthetically pleasing. Beyond those adjectives, I’m at a loss when attempting to categorize his style. While this is a question for another day and another post, the important point is that I will always see his movies with enthusiasm.

Trance was fun. It felt hip and fresh, like Trainspotting Redux with a little punchy, Ocean’s 11 heist movie humor and glossy glamor. James McAvoy carried a large portion of this film, particularly in the beginning, and he is a charming, intelligent, and a worthwhile protagonist in any setting.  His asides to the camera made me believe I knew what kind of movie I was in for. I love myself a witty, self-reflexive genre film most of the time, so I settled in for a fun, twisty ride that I imagined would also be somewhat predictable and forgettable.

But then things changed dramatically. This is a film that I cannot begin to describe without spoilers, but I can say everything gets convoluted and complex in way that can be exasperating for viewers. If some people hated this film, I would not be surprised. It is insulting to its audience, creating a plot in which the reasons we care about the characters is false, our interpretation of events is false, and our entire belief structure for a narrative film is turned on its head.

Ooooh cliffhanger! Read the rest of my review at

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