Tiny Desk Post: The Tiny Desk Concert

Having a change in schedule can be tough.  Going from sleeping a certain later set of hours to a “normal to early” set of hours can wreak havoc on the mind and body.   Unfortunately, no amount of naps or March Madness (Rock Chalk) can fix your body.  You simply have to adjust to the new schedule.  Luckily, working mornings in a coffee shop has the very obvious perk of, well, coffee.  I absolutely love working in coffee shops.  They’re fun and generally laid back, though the rushes can result in more than a few burns or as my coworkers calls them, “kisses.”  However, one of my favorite bits of coffee shop culture is the music.  While I could, in theory, play any music I wanted, there is a general sort of music you’ve come to expect from the coffee shop.  Generally it’s a bit indie, a bit jazz, and a lot Norah Jones.  It all has a very NPR feel to it.

Speaking of NPR and forced segues, the NPR tiny desk concerts are awesome.  If you haven’t heard of them, I seriously recommend you check them out.  They come out sporadically, but generally every week or two on NPR’s Music site and Youtube.  They offer musicians from more genres than you’d expect to strip

Some great songs were considered.

Some great songs were considered. Courtesy of NPR Music.

down their songs a bit and play a great raw set.  I think it’s just fascinating to see some bands that rely to heavily on technology and effects show off that they really are quite musically talented.  Other times, you get a better look at all the work a single artist can put into a live performance.  Every concert is in the same room, in the same corner, behind the same (not so) tiny desk while the staff of NPR watches on just behind the camera.  Some more famous bands and artists to grace the desk include: The Decemberists, Foster the People, Adele, and the Cranberries.  I often find artists I’ve never even heard of but am soon enamored by.  I’m going to leave a few of my personal favorites, one of which I’d never expect to show up at NPR, for you all to view but be sure to check out many, many more. I’ve saved the best (i.e. my favorite) for last.


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