Logan’s Reviews: Spring Breakers

The critic in question: Logan Lumm

The critic in question: Logan Lumm

We here at AO would like to introduce our newest cohort and partner in this whole blog project.  Though she isn’t technically “on staff,” Logan Lumm has been kind enough to let us steal, take, plunder repost some of her movie reviews.  A bit of background on Logan first though.  Logan is a graduate student at Boston University getting her MFA in Film and Television Studies.  She hails from Toledo, Ohio and has an intense love for horror movies.  Basically if you took her to a horror flick,  you’d be more scared than she’d be.

She has been writing movie reviews for years on her own blog: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of.  Be sure to look through there for her thoughts on some of  your favorite movies. Now because this is a partnership we won’t publish her entire post so be sure to visit her site for the rest of her review.  Without further adieu, here is Logan’s review of Spring Breakers.

Spring Breakers- Girls Gone Wilder?

A moment of peace in a whirlwind adventure.

This was one of the more buzzed about films to come out of SXSW this year, and I could not have been more excited to see it being released so soon after.

It’s the kind of film that could be very hit or miss with distribution companies. The film is a nightmare to market. On the surface level, it’s a film about four young college girls going on a wild, colorful, booze-and-sex-filled Spring Break. On a deeper level, it’s a subversive, tragic, and compassionate commentary on the degradation of youth culture.

If the recent Seventeen Magazine scandal is any indication, advertising a film that is aesthetically shallow but deceptively, painfully deep has not been an easy feat.

But thank goodness for A24 films (who I’m rabidly following- so many good, enlightening, feminist things in this company’s upcoming arsenal) for taking on the challenge, because this film deserves to be seen.

It does, however, take a critical eye to look past some of the pretty, flashy party scenes in the film. The film provides plenty of scenes of glamor, excess, and pleasure. In many ways these scenes come off like a glossy fantasy, showing exactly the kind of world people strive to be a part of in their spring break adventures. I do believe that the wrong person watching this film could pay attention to only these glorifying images and miss the subversive, disturbing elements underneath. And it is this ability for misinterpretation that makes the film so fascinating.

For the rest of this review visit: Spring Breakers- Girls Gone Wilder?

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