Love: One and the Same

Now I don’t often check state-based blogs but I came across the Coloradoan yesterday with this fantastic story.  According to the article on March 12, 2013, Colorado’s State Congress approved civil unions for homosexual couples with benefits that include, but are not limited to, “medical decisions for partners, hospital and jail visitation privileges, property succession rights through inheritance, joint adoption and provisions for dissolution of a relationship, including division of property and shared responsibility for and visitation of children.”

I hope we, as readers of Audacity Oven, can agree that this is fantastic!  Mind you, it’s not complete marriage equality but it’s definitely a strong step in the right direction for a state that has had a swinging nature to it in the last few elections.  Not to alienate a portion of my readership but if you don’t a.) embrace, b.) acknowledge, or  c.) tolerate the idea of marriage equality for homosexual couples then you can read my thoughts on the matter here.

Gives "bush" a whole new meaning.

Gives “bush” a whole new meaning.

Now because the world isn’t kind, there are a multitude of jackasses in this world, who apparently skipped biology a few too many times in high school (Akin…).  This gentleman that spoke before Minnesota’s State Congress said essentially the following: that only anal sex (which only men do to each other) can transfer AIDS because apparently the vagina has a magic Keebler Elves doctor who specialize in AIDS treatment who is just sitting and waiting inside it.

Look, I know that to many people the idea of homosexuality in the community seems “icky,” but I implore you to ask yourself one very, very simple question.  That question is, “Why the hell does it matter to you?”  If it doesn’t impose on your ability to love a person of the opposite sex, what say do you have in the love life of someone else?  Let me answer that for you. None.  You have no say in their life so get off your homophobic high horse and learn about those people in your life as just that, people.

I know it’s annoying to be preached at but please take it from me, a kid who grew up in Kansas, in a generation where “fag” and “gay” were common slang, and has family, friends, and staff writers who are gay: sexuality does not define the character of a person.  It can contribute as much as heterosexuality, but it is not the end all-be all factor that deems a person worthy of respect or disdain.  In my straight-white privileged mind, sexuality is the same as race.  This singular factor that no one should, or can, hide should not define someone, rather it should be the content of his or her character.

Simple right?

Simple right?

With the ever increasing number of passing bills allowing marriage, civil union, military service rights, and other opportunities, I highly encourage you check out the Human Rights Campaign.  I had the fantastic opportunity to visit the HRC and meet numerous representatives, I can I honestly tell you that they were some of the kindest and smartest people I have ever met.  The HRC staff’s level of ambition and fire for equality was nothing if not inspiring.  Check out their blog here.

In the immortal words of Macklemore, who is apparently becoming our new spokes-rapper, “It’s human rights for everyone, there is no difference./ Live on!”

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