Thrift Shop

I’ve realized recently how frugal I have become working at Goodwill a local non-profit organization. At said organization there is a very strict social media policy in which I am not allowed to use their actual name. I can’t walk into a store without thinking, “holy shit, $6 for a t-shirt?” and walking out empty handed. I just can’t justify spending a ton of money for 3 name brand items that I could find gently used at a thrift store. We get hundreds of donations daily, most of which still have the tags attached. Just the other day someone donated a giant 52″ Samsung Smart TV without a scratch on it.

It's dangerous to go alone; take this!

It’s dangerous to go alone; take this!

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the donations we get are total trash, but those items are all recycled. Also, we have three different levels of quality checking that everything goes through before the items are put onto the sales floor. I’ve completely revamped not only my closet, but my living room, and kitchen thanks to Goodwill a local non-profit organization. Why not take advantage of the gently used items someone else has no use for? It’s like a giant garage sale except that everything is organized and there’s no bargaining (at all). My favorite, and coincidentally, most recent purchase was a life sized, hand-made replica of the Hylian shield from  Zelda that someone donated. I couldn’t believe that someone would just throw that out! Their loss is my gain, though so I’m cool with it. I literally screamed when I saw it and ran to find out if they had donated the master sword to go with it, which they didn’t. Jerks.

Anyway, back to my point, I recently watched a video on youtube where teenagers react to the song Thrift Shop and I was pretty put off by some of the kids answers at the end of the video. Here it is:

I don’t think that a Gucci shirt is higher quality than a shirt from Target. Although one may argue that In my eyes a white t-shirt is just a piece of clothing. It doesn’t matter if it was handcrafted in Italy, it’s a t-shirt! Most likely, you’ll still spill spaghetti on it and never be able to get the stain out or accidentally put it in the wash wrong and shrink it. Just because something has a higher price tag doesn’t actually mean it’s more valuable, it just means that consumers are total suckers. So, next time you’re in the mood to shop just find your local thrift shop and maybe you’ll find something awesome and unexpected.

-Brooke Alex

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