On Waiting at the Airport (And Other Musings)

So here I am at Logan, sitting in one of those wooden, whitewashed rocking chairs, pretending I’m a contented old person on a cozy porch, drinking ice-cold lemonade on a warm day. But instead of a cozy porch, I’m in terminal B, and instead of lemonade, I’m drinking lukewarm Starbucks, and instead of a warm day, it’s positively disgusting outside. And wouldn’t you know it, my flight’s been cancelled due to inclement weather. And the new one has been delayed. Twice. So, instead of my old, fictional self watching the neighborhood kids riding bikes up and down the street, I’m watching a fleet of snow plows and bulldozers working feverishly to excavate the buried tarmac. This is what spring break looks like, folks.

Yuck. Double Yuck.

Yuck. Double Yuck.

And I’m not the only one. Everywhere I look, rest areas and lounges are peppered with edgy travelers, on pins and needles waiting for flight status updates. And in our anxiety and anticipation, we commiserate (because misery loves company, right?). But the commiseration isn’t limited to the confines of the airport—we fire up the Instagrams and take to Twitter to invite all of our (not so) inner circles of friends to share in the commiseration as well. Thanks to the sundry social media outlets at our fingertips, everyone we’ve ever known or cared about can know what we know and care about. Right here, right now. (Hey, I’m doing it at this moment, by blogging from the airport!)

So, this is going to sound bad (prepare yourselves), but sometimes it’s fun to put on the whiny, downtrodden victim hat and kvetch about the injustices that society has thrust upon us. Okay, that did sound bad. Especially considering the fact that a flight delay is not the equivalent of a societal injustice. But it’s something almost everyone has done at some time or another, and it makes us feel better, even if just a little bit and even if for essentially vacuous reasons. But when I’m in a situation like this (and by “like this” I specifically mean when I’m experiencing airline woes) one of my favorite Louis CK comedy bits comes to mind. Here, have a listen (or watch below). And when I really put things into perspective, I guess things could undoubtedly be worse (I mean, my newly-made halfway-friends of Gate B7 and I could be embarking on a months- or years-long journey filled with danger and dysentery, right?) So I guess I’ll just sit back, order another latte, and wait out the storm.

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