25 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to NYC

Welcome to List Friday!  Every Friday you can expect a list to come out from one of us (probably Eric) here at Audacity Oven.  Some will be short bullets, others more detailed.  What will it be about? We don’t always know so be sure to check them out!

I’ve been living in New York City for roughly two months now.  It has been stressful, expensive, fun, incredible, and any other dozens of adjectives.  I’ve made some new friends and had some long and strange nights.  I’ve applied to dozens of positions and beaten more Xbox games than I care to admit.  Here are 25 of the things I’ve learned since moving in:

  1. The dirtiest of food porn.

    The dirtiest of food porn.

    Netflix is just awesome.  “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” is life changing.

  2. There are only so many hours of Netflix you can watch in a day without feeling horrible about yourself.
  3. There is a permit or certification necessary for practically everything.
  4. There is a strange magic that evaporates anywhere from $20 to $40 from your wallet anytime you leave your apartment.
  5. Your apartment will have problems and your super is in no rush to fix them.  Get used to it.
  6. The G train is just awful.  You will wait forever.
  7. Astoria is apparently the new “place to be.”
  8. According to Tino, the best halal food is at a stand at 55th and 6th.
  9. Apparently it’s bad to ever admit you’re 21 at a bar.
  10. Longboarding up Broadway from Union Square to the Upper West Side for brunch is a great way to start a Sunday.
  11. The show “Girls,” “Friends,” and “How I Met Your Mother” are lies.
  12. Truth be told, I already knew 11 before coming. I just felt I should toss it in there.
  13. This city is expensive.  Happy hour and coffee are cheap ways to go out.
  14. Happy hour and coffee still add up SUPER fast.
  15. Don’t ever, Ever, EVER agree to sign up for security classes.  Worst fucking scam in the city.
  16. You’re still waiting on the G train.
  17. You can, in fact, furnish your apartment out of what you find on the curb.
  18. More shops than you’d think close up pretty damn early.
  19. It's a long trip from Court Square to Flushing.

    It’s a long trip from Court Square to Flushing.

    That the train is the best time and place to start the “Game of Thrones” series.

  20. 2 AM was never late.  Get it together Boston.
  21. Greenpoint is essentially a giant movie back lot and can pose for most any city ever.
  22. Cabbing home at 4 AM is essentially rush hour.
  23. Coat checks; steer clear of them if you can.
  24. Hanging out on your roof is just a thing here.
  25. The East River Ferry is just plain cool…and kind of expensive.

These are just some I came up with off the top of my head but if you have others be sure to comment below!

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