Audacity Oven is Preheated and Cooking!

Gotta love Greenpoint

Gotta love Greenpoint

Whelp, let’s see how this goes.  Welcome to Audacity Oven! My name is Eric Calvin Baker and I’ll be your Editor in Chief for this fun adventure of a blog.  The idea here at AO is to write about whatever comes to mind.  You’ll see personal essays, social commentary, well researched reports, current events, music, movies, science, philosophy, and much much more.

I’ve written for various blogs before like BU Culture Shock and personal blogs I won’t link to for your safety as much as mine, but this is a whole new ball game.  Soon we will be bringing you quality content from a variety of writers from all different backgrounds…though you may notice most will be from Boston University. Go Terriers.

I hope this blog becomes everything I want it to be and sooner rather than later we can get rid of that lame “” part of our site but that’s down the road for now.  Thank you for checking us out and be sure to come back soon for more exciting posts!


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